Everything you need to effectively manage hazardous building materials

Asbestos reports

Save hours on audits

Deposit audits

Reduce duplicated effort

Lab results

Increase profit margins

Clearance certificates

Comply with regulations

Disposal documentation

Comply with regulations

Site building plans

Comply with regulations

Site photos

Comply with regulations

Work permits

Comply with regulations

Enjoy the benefits of Lupin Asbestos Management software:

Total lifecycle management

Provide cradle to grave management of hazardous building materials.

Reduced documentation costs

Significantly cut the cost of creating and maintaining documentation.

Compliant documentation

Provide reassurance that your documentation is compliant.

Comprehensive risk assessment

Provide management with comprehensive risk assessments of sites.

Reduced workload

Enable businesses to redeploy staff to more productive tasks.

No infrastructure costs

Web-based solution so there are no IT infrastructure costs.

Save hours on every audit

With Lupin Asbestos Management, you’ll save time preparing for and reporting on your site visits

Lupin Systems auditing and reporting

7 hours

Traditional paper-based auditing and reporting

15 hours

This information is based on the first time auditing of 250 sites. Further time and cost savings could be achieved for subsequent audits when data is already loaded on the system.

Watch how Lupin Asbestos Management software works