Software for desktop and tablet

Lupin Asbestos Management software provides a comprehensive range of features to cost effectively capture, manage and access information relating to each building site that you are responsible for.

It provides peace of mind that your documentation is compliant with statutory laws relating to business workplaces.

Single data repository

All data is captured and stored in a single data repository to ensure easy access, document history, tracking and archiving.

Advance search capabilities

One of the most important functions of any data management system is the ability to search stored information and download search results in a usable format. Lupin's Asbestos Management enables users to power search through a portfolio for any combination of variables and download the data in a CSV format.

Real time auditing and reporting

The Asbestos Management Web Application enables real time auditing using an electronic device with internet access.

Control individual access rights

Users may be assigned to roles which allow for different access/administration rights and levels of functionality.

Control individual site access

Users access may be restricted to a single site or any number of sites in a portfolio.

Quick reference to site risk levels

Portfolio Managers have the ability to quickly view the current status of a building portfolio. The software shows a list of all sites with their respective risk profile summarised with value and colour indicators.

Automated email notifications

The Asbestos Management system can send notification emails when a risk change or recommendation is made for a site to ensure that asset managers always receive auditors vital information so they are in a position to act on it.

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