Software to manage dangerous goods, harzardous substances and scheduled poisons

As workplace health and safety requirements evolve, it is vital to have technology that will keep pace with change. Lupin Chemical Management is rich in functionality to manage all data and documentation for the management of Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Substances and Scheduled Poisons.

Single data repository

All data is captured and stored in a single data repository to ensure easy access, document history, tracking and archiving.

Identify required documents

The Chemical Management system enables an organisation to identify what documents are required, how long after the issue date the document will expire and who may view the documents once loaded.

Complete Hazardous Substance, Dangerous Goods & Scheduled Poison information

With rich functionality the system enables quick and easy classification of raw materials, intermediates and products.

View or email SDSs

From the initial search page, users may view and email current SDSs and other product documentation.

Control individual access rights

Users may be assigned to roles which allow for different access/administration rights and levels of functionality.

Control individual document access

Different document types can be made available to users depending on permissions granted.

Management of dangerous goods stores

Lupin's Chemical Management software makes the management of Dangerous Goods Storage and Reporting simple. Each store is allocated the maximum amount of Dangerous Goods by Class or Division it is allowed to hold. By manually or automatically altering the actual store holdings, site administrators are automatically notified when the maximum stock level is exceeded.

Automated email notifications

To ensure employees and customers always have the correct information to manage chemicals in the workplace, Lupin's Chemical Management software send email notifications: For example administrator(s) are notified of documents that will expire in the next 90 days. Users may subscribe to be notified of new documents loaded to the material.

Management reports

A number of standard and custom reports may be executed within the site; these reports have been designed to maximise the use of data stored in the system. All report results may be periodically emailed or downloaded as CSV files for use in other applications.